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Clicking for Management: The Launch of SDA Bocconi Insight

Clicking for Management: The Launch of SDA Bocconi Insight

by Ezio Renda

Published by the School of Management, the new magazine is an outlet for content produced by SDA Bocconi faculty and community  

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  • Research Supports the Case for Inclusion

    Bocconi endorses the International Day of People with Disabilities  

  • Gender Pay Gap, Still a Long Way to Go

    Gender pay gap is common to all European countries, but one size fits all policies are not always effective. A report by three Bocconi researchers, commissioned by the European Parliament, provides an indepth analysis and recommendations to eliminate pay inequalities  

  • A Greener Policy for Central Banks Bond Purchasing Programs

    IGIER Visiting Student Tanvi Goyal reports on the seminar by Monika Piazzesi (Stanford University): heavy bond issuers are likely to be heavy emitters  

  • How Counterterrorism Changed the World After 9/11

    A recent book, coauthored by Arianna Vedaschi, analyzes the complex and evolving interaction among international, supranational and domestic bodies in framing counterterrorism measures and policies  

  • Circular Economy Will Make Electric Buses the Best Economic Choice in Four Years

    A study by the Bocconi GREEN center with the collaboration of ENEL Foundation revisits the cost calculations, taking into account the possible revenues from the connection of batteries to the grid and their second life  

  • A Tale of Two Decades of the European Central Bank

    IGIER Visiting Student Simone Boldrini reports on a seminar by Massimo Rostagno (ECB), coauthor of Monetary Policy in Times of Crisis  


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  • The Bond Lending Channel of Monetary Policy

    Olivier Darmouni, Columbia   Link Paper

    Seminar Room AS02 - Via Roentgen, 1

  • Learning to Labor Like a Hard-working Immigrant
    SPS Seminar Series Fall 2021

    Michel Anteby, Boston University   For information:


  • Oil Prices, Gasoline Prices and Inflation Expectations

    Lutz Kilian (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)


  • Does it Matter that an Ally is Democratic? Public Diplomacy and Attitudes Toward International Allies in Times of Crisis

    Andrea Ruggeri, University of Oxford Special Seminar

    Room 11 - Sarfatti 25, Floor 1