Upcoming Seminars


  • A Doctorate to Succeed in Research

    The Bocconi PhD School presentation event introduced by Rector and Dean  

  • LEAP Offers MSc Interns a Taste of What Research Means

    Students are recruited by the development economics laboratory twice a year to work with faculty on ongoing projects, with responsibilities in program design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation  

  • An Online Tool to Extricate the Web of Digital Trade Regulation

    The Digital Trade Integration Project, funded by CIVICA Research, published an interactive database covering over 120 countries  

  • When ChatGPT Helps to Teach About the Constitution

    How to deal with artificial intelligence is one of the topics debated at the annual conference of the International Society of Public Law, which will gather 1100 scholars at Bocconi  

  • Connectivity: Why Financial Statements and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

    Annalisa Prencipe and Ariela Caglio presented their research on the state of the art of sustainability reporting and connectivity in and between corporate documents at the annual KPMG Chair in Accounting event  

  • Balancing Infrastructure Spending and Tighter Monetary Policies

    Stefano Gatti and Carlo Chiarella mark Bocconi's renewed partnership with Antin IP with a detailed analysis of the impact of higher inflation on longterm ventures  


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  • Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Helps Keep European Health Systems Sustainable

    Rosanna Tarricone participates in the JACARDI project through which the EU aims to couple social welfare and economic equilibrium in the long run  

  • Guido Alfani's Upcoming Book Makes New Statesman List

    The British newsmagazine praises a study of economic inequality through the ages by the Bocconi professor  

  • How the Bocconi PhD Village Brought Paula to Harvard

    Paula Rettl, with some help from Bocconi faculty, gained a position as an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Business School straight out of her PhD  

  • Impartial Institutions Can Help Women Succeed

    Alexia Delfino won funding from CEPR and UKaid for a project with Nava Ashraf and Edward Glaeser casting some light on how fair contract enforcement empowers female entrepreneurs  

  • Filippo Ascolani's Study Wins Another Award

    The doctoral student is honored with the Lawrence D. Brown PhD Student Award for his early achievements  

  • Taking a Closer Look at the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Workers

    Julien Sauvagnat has won a grant from the Italian government for a project that aims at plugging a huge gap in what we know about new technologies at firm level