The Moral Choice of Celia Moore

The Moral Choice of Celia Moore


Celia Moore can spot a cheater from a distance. Much of her work explores the concept of moral disengagement, a cognitive process that occurs through a set of inter-related cognitive mechanisms that facilitate unethical behavior. She has explored the role of moral disengagement in corporate corruption and in employees’ unethical behavior. She studied how cheaters experience an emotional “high”, and provided new frameworks for understanding the psychological as well as the social processes that underpin unethical behavior at work. More recently she examined the subordinate/powerholder dynamics in the workplace in resource allocation and punishment.
After nine years as an Assistant Professor at London Business School, she’s joined Bocconi University’s Department of Management and Technology as an Associate Professor in academic year 2016/17. “Bocconi is at an interesting point in its development, with strong and growing momentum in the global marketplace for business education, and I wanted to be a part of it”, she says.
After an education in Canada and the US (McGill University, Columbia University and the University of Toronto), Moore has held academic positions at the Rotman School of Management, Harvard University and London Business School. She has worked with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, the National Health Service (UK), the Brookings Institute (Washington, DC), and the Banking Standards Board (UK) on creating more ethical work environments.
At a personal level she considers Milan a great hub for traveling (”We love the idea of living in the center of Europe”, she says) and is excited about the prospect of multilingualism for her three children.

by Fabio Todesco


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