New Bocconi PhD Graduates Eye Academic Careers

New Bocconi PhD Graduates Eye Academic Careers


Four recent Bocconi PhD graduates in Business Administration and Management are making their first steps on the academic job market. Universities have now posted their open positions for young researchers. Over the summer, applicants have been in touch with universities for a short introductory interview taking place at the main field conferences, which have almost completely resumed in person. As a result of these preliminary meetings and the in-depth screening of their profiles, universities evaluate whether to invite candidates to deliver a presentation or a seminar, called “flyout”, which is the final and most important moment of the process. Bocconi candidates have now reached this crucial step, as they have already received or are in the process of receiving flyouts.
Here is a brief introduction, in alphabetical order:
Jens-Christian Friedmann has focused his research on how firms learn and protect knowledge while engaging in strategic transactions such as alliances, acquisitions, and divestitures within international settings. His doctoral dissertation studies how firms cope with new challenges in absorbing and protecting knowledge from alliance partners.
Sung Hoon Lee’s research is on economics of innovation, industrial dynamics, and related policies. The impact of the technological regime, defined in terms of appropriability, cumulativeness, and opportunity conditions, on firms and the entry barriers in markets are among the issues addressed in his dissertation.
Danilo Messinese’s research builds on his background in Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Finance and Strategy. His research agenda is centered around how managers and entrepreneurs can effectively make strategic commitments in the face of uncertainty by adopting different strategies to acquire information.
Navya Pandit studies how companies respond to the call for environmental and social sustainability. Her research investigates the strategic decisions companies make to address the emerging environmental and social challenges. More generally, her interest is in how companies design and roll-out strategies in accordance with their multiple goals.

by Andrea Costa
Bocconi Knowledge newsletter


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