Eleanor Spaventa Joins Common Market Law Review's Editorial Board

Eleanor Spaventa Joins Common Market Law Review's Editorial Board


Eleanor Spaventa, Professor of European Law, Director of the Bocconi Lab in European Studies (BLEST) and member of the Board of the Institute of European Policy Making, has recently been invited to join the editorial board of Common Market Law Review, widely considered one of the most authoritative journals dealing with European Union law and legal issues relating to the European Union, which describes itself as having been “a forum for the keenest legal minds in the field of European Union law for over fifty years.”
To mark Eleanor Spaventa’s entry, the editorial board has held one of its meetings at Bocconi, with a Young Scholars’ Workshop on the following day. This event was the occasion for a few selected young researchers to talk about their latest works for a highly qualified audience. Contributions were about Next Generation EU, tax competition in the EU as well as state aid.
“This is a very important achievement for me personally, of course, but also for Bocconi,” says professor Spaventa. “EU studies, and the complexity surrounding it, are a topical field of research, essential to understand and contribute to the challenges of the future, be this climate change or geopolitical and strategic issues. It is for this reason that the University has strongly invested in fostering cross-disciplinary research in this area, first with the establishment of BLEST, the Bocconi Lab in Euro Studies, and now with the creation of IEP, the Institute for European Policymaking@UB".

by Andrea Costa
Bocconi Knowledge newsletter


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