Marketing Research on the Psychology of Artificial Intelligence Wins Acclaim

Marketing Research on the Psychology of Artificial Intelligence Wins Acclaim


Chiara Longoni, Associate Professor at Bocconi’s Department of Marketing, has been selected for the prestigious 2023 Young Scholars Program of the Marketing Science Institute.
The Young Scholars Program recognizes a selected number of promising scholars across marketing disciplines whose work suggests they are potential leaders of the next generation of marketing academics. The selection committee considered excellence in scholarship, citation impact, best article awards, and editorial board leadership. The 2023 Young Scholars are among the most prominent early-career scholars in the world.
Chiara Longoni’s research investigates psychological responses to applications of artificial intelligence across several consumer domains—how people perceive AI systems, how they interact with them, and how the deployment of these systems fundamentally changes businesses and society at large. For instance, her empirical paper Resistance to Medical Artificial Intelligence (co-authored with Andrea Bonezzi and Carey Morewedge) examines the factors that influence the uptake of artificial intelligence in medicine: when and why people adopt medical AI, and what scalable interventions facilitate AI uptake. This paper is one of the most cited, most read, and most discussed articles on medicine and artificial intelligence: it is number fourteen in the all-time top 50 most cited articles on AI in business, management, and social science journals, and is recognized as a foundational article on digital technology.
In another empirical paper, Artificial Intelligence in Utilitarian vs. Hedonic Contexts: The “Word-of-Machine” Effect (co-authored with Luca Cian), she focuses on when and why consumers prefer AI-based recommendation systems to human ones, and what companies can do to foster reliance on AI systems. This paper won the American Marketing Association Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group Research-in-Practice Award for rigorous scholarly research that addresses an important marketing issue.

by Andrea Costa
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