Edoardo Croci is the New Chairperson of UERA

Edoardo Croci is the New Chairperson of UERA


Edoardo Croci, a Fellow of Bocconi Department of Social and Political Science, has been elected Chairperson of the Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA), a European network of universities and research centers in the field of urban research and innovation, which brings together 58 European research organizations from 20 countries.
UERA is an initiative of JPI Urban Europe, the knowledge hub for urban transitions set up by the European Commission in 2010 “to address the global urban challenges of today with the ambition to develop a European research and innovation hub on urban matters and create European solutions by means of coordinated research.”
“Sustainable, smart, resilient and circular cities,” Professor Croci says, “represent an area of research and policy of increasing importance, where the role of UERA can assume growing weight and visibility, creating opportunities for its members while continuing to enlarge a community which shares visions, approaches and interests.”
The first and most important challenge of Professor Croci’s 2-year term will be to contribute to the European strategy Driving Urban Transitions towards a Sustainable and Livable Future (DUT) by promoting research which can help define effective actions in the DUT framework.
“I’m honored to take the office,” Professor Croci concludes, “which I also interpret as an acknowledgement for Bocconi’s work and initiatives on the topic of sustainable cities.”

by Fabio Todesco Bocconi Knowledge newsletter


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