A Conference in Memory of Andrea Gilardoni

A Conference in Memory of Andrea Gilardoni


The conference “Local Public Services and Ecological Transition: Innovation, Circularity and Change Management” is being held today in memory of Andrea Gilardoni, founder of Agici Finanza d'Impresa, editor of the journal “Utilities and Infrastructure Management” and professor of Economics and Business Management at Bocconi, one year after his passing. He will be remembered by, among others, Rector Gianmario Verona, Marco Percoco, director of the GREEN research center, and his daughter Chiara Gilardoni, current director of Agici Finanza d'Impresa.
The figure of Gilardoni, one of the very first in Italy to scientifically address issues related to sustainability, emerges from the words of Marco Percoco: “Andrea was an amiable colleague of great experience and clear vision. At the beginning of the GREEN adventure, he was a sort of guardian angel; he did not spare advice, lectures, discussions, and what today is our research center, we owe to him too, a pioneer of business studies on energy and sustainability. Let us take up his intellectual legacy seriously, but with a light heart, as he would have liked, and look at the challenges of energy policy and mobility, now more than ever inextricably intertwined, with renewed vigor.”
In addition to remembering Andrea Gilardoni, the conference will look at the future of public utilities with a panel discussion titled “Sustainability and Energy Security: New Strategies to Govern Change”.

by Ezio Renda
Bocconi Knowledge newsletter


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