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Ephemeral but Effective: We Engage More with Content We Can View Only Once

Ephemeral but Effective: We Engage More with Content We Can View Only Once

by Jenny Mao

A paper by Uri Barnea shows that marketers can communicate information more effectively by restricting consumers from viewing it again, as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger are doing  

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Revealing Advertising Expenditures Can Be an Advantage

Revealing Advertising Expenditures Can Be an Advantage

by Andrea Costa

According to a new paper by Sungkyun Moon and others, disclosing ad spending lowers uncertainty about a firm's future performance  

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Repeating the success of Netflix in the offline world

Repeating the success of Netflix in the offline world

by Weiwei Chen

If you want subscription platforms to succeed in the physical world, you have to consider the features of your local market and to handle prices with care, warns Qiaoni Shi  

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  • A New Episode of Bocconi's Podcast on Cybersecurity

    A talk about the meaning of cyberwar and what threats different world regions face  

  • The War Economy in Ukraine

    IGIER Visiting Student Daniel Nicolae Paraschiv reports on a seminar with Tymofiy Mylovanov, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Pierre Olivier Gourinchas and Tito Boeri  

  • Four Threats to European Banks in 2023

    Andrea Resti describes the various occurrences that may impair Euro area lenders' sustainability in the near future  

  • Monitor for Circular Fashion Launches Eight Pilot Tests

    In the 2022 report of the observatory by SDA Bocconi School of Management and powered by Enel X, the analysis of sustainability indicators in the textile sector is applied to eight innovative prototypes made by partner companies. From organic cotton jeans to a tshirt that can be repaired, a bag that can be recycled, and a shoe that can be sewn at home  

  • Cybersecuring a Country‚Ķ with a Podcast

    Greta Nasi hosts a series of talks about how modern states aim to protect individuals, firms and society against an invisible enemy  

  • Emotions as a Tool to Persuade People to Get Vaccinated

    Instead of overdoing confusion inducing technical details, a study by Maria Cucciniello and coauthors emphasizes the usefulness of more emotionally centered communication  


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  • Fairness in machine learning: a study of the Demographic Parity constraint

    NICOLAS SCHREUDER - Universita' di Genova

    Seminar Room 3-e4-sr03, 3rd floor, Via Roentgen 1

  • Rouzi Song: Pollution Taxes as a Second-Best: Accounting for Multidimensional Firm Heterogeneity in Environmental Regulations

    ROUZI SONG - University of Southern California


  • Measurement Invariance Across Conditions: A Case Study of Material and Experiential Happiness

    DAN SCHLEY - Rotterdam School of Management

    Meeting room 4-E4-SR03, Via Roentgen, 1, 4th floor

  • The Causal Impact of Socio-Emotional Skills Training on Educational Success

    GIUSEPPE SORRENTI - University of Amsterdam

    Room 3-B3-Sr01 - Via Roentgen, 1, III floor