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  • Ukraine War: The Price of Making More Countries Join Sanctions

    Kerim Can Kavakli sheds some light on how sanctions coalitions are built and how targets try to skirt them  

  • Why Family Businesses Are More Resilient

    Certain features of entrepreneurial families amplify the ability of top management teams to absorb and recover from shocks, according to an analysis by Bocconi, Unicredit and AIDAF  

  • A Map of Investment Attractiveness in Agribusiness Infrastructure

    A study by Stefano Gatti, chair of Antin Infrastructure Partners in Infrastructure Financing, charts longterm trends and compares various applications in an increasingly important sector  

  • Ukraine: Corporate Decisions in Wartime

    Andrea Colli prepared a reading, based on databases and scholarly literature, with three suggestions for companies whose operations are affected by conflicts  

  • War in Ukraine: Risk of Famine at Highest Point in Decades

    An analysis by Guido Alfani and Cormac O Grada examines the causes of past food shortages, with implications of great relevance for today  

  • A Software to Help New Local Energy Communities Emerge

    GREEN's Edoardo Croci and Annamaria Bagaini collaborate on a project that will help bring Europe closer to energy independence through small scale efforts  


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  • ALEXANDER BLACK: Small Shadows of Lattice Polytopes
    Occasional seminars by Alexander Black

    ALEXANDER BLACK - University of California, Davis

    Room 3-E4-SR03 (Rontgen)

  • Eduardo Perez Richet: Fraud-proof non-market allocation mechanisms

    EDUARDO PEREZ RICHET - Science Po Paris

    Alberto Alesina Seminar Room 5.e4.sr04, floor 5, Via Roentgen 1

  • Alessandro Gavazza, London School of Economics: Refinancing Cross-Subsidies in the Mortgage Market

    ALESSANDRO GAVAZZA - London School of Economics

    Seminar Room 2-e4-sr03 - Via Roentgen, 1

  • The New Institutional Behaviouralism: Theory and Empirics


    Room 3b3sr01-Roentgen 1