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  • Finding the Perfect Number

    Francesco Grossetti has released a computer package capable of finding out the number of topics that best describes the content of corpuses of texts too large to be managed  

  • Fear of COVID, the Effectiveness of Non Pharmaceutical Interventions

    Colombe Ladreit analyzes the economic effects of lockdowns and distancing  

  • From Intelligence to AI and from Art to Artifice

    The fifth edition of ScienzaNuova, a seminar of research and experimentation on the fundamental concepts of modern sciences, returns to Merano  

  • Circular Businesses Risk Less and Reap Higher Returns

    Adherence to circular economy practices reduces by 12 times the default risk at one year from opening and leads to better risk adjusted returns, according to a white paper by Bocconi University, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Intesa Sanpaolo, coordinated by Claudio Zara  

  • How to Support Victims of Extortion and Usury in a Moment of Crisis

    A study resulting from an agreement between the Commissioner for the coordination of anti racket and anti usury initiatives and Bocconi University evaluates the functioning of the Solidarity Fund, born from an idea of Giovanni Falcone  

  • Methods and Models for Deciding with Data

    Emanuele Borgonovo, through two research projects, aims to make models understandable and useful to managers  


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  • The Equilibrium Existence Duality
    Theory & Experiments Seminar Series

    Elizabeth Baldwin, Oxford University


  • tbc
    Development Labor Political Economy - Joint with Collegio Carlo Alberto

    Jesse Shapiro (Brown University)


  • tbc
    Development Labor Political Economy - Joint with Collegio Carlo Alberto

    Charles Angelucci (MIT Sloan)

    Seminar Room AS02, Via Roentgen 1 (floor -2)

  • tbc
    Development Labor Political Economy

    Maria Petrova (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)