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  • Providers of Long Term Care for the Elderly Must Evolve

    The latest report on this sector by the Cergas research center and Essity has been released  

  • Bocconi Postdoc Invited to High Profile Conference

    Gianluigi Riva joins a selected group of young scientists that will attend a meeting with Nobel laureates later this year  

  • Caselli, Ventoruzzo and Mosca Join the Committee for the Reform of Capital Markets

    The activities will lead to the new Consolidated Text  

  • Bocconi Research Excellence Awards 2024

    Faculty whose publications have been accepted by the most prestigious journals or publishers honored  

  • When Statisticians Help Algorithm Designers

    Giacomo Zanella and colleagues find a way to compare how certain algorithms perform  

  • Rich People, Gods Among Men

    Guido Alfani's latest book on the history of wealth is now available in Europe  


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  • Adam Eric Greenberg Makes Top List

    A paper on the psychological factors at play in the decision to claim retirement benefits in the US was in the final selection for the AMA's Paul E. Green Award  

  • Graziella Romeo Joins Top Academic Journal

    The International Journal of Constitutional Law has a new Associate Editor.  

  • Daniele Durante Wins Award for Young Researchers

    A rare distinction for an academic outside America  

  • Peter Pope's Career Celebrated

    EAA's most prestigious award honors the Bocconi academic's research achievements  

  • Catherine Rogers Wins Acclaim

    Her paper on the role of arbitrators and the effects of bias has been named best professional article of 2023 by CPR  

  • Monitoring Labor Reforms in France

    Thomas Le Barbanchon joins the scientific committee set up by the French government to oversee a crucial set of reforms