Four New Entries Among Department Heads

Four New Entries Among Department Heads


Bocconi’s University Board has appointed the Departments’ Directors who’ll be effective from 1 November, 2019 until 31 October, 2022. Four of them are new entries, four have been confirmed.
Starting with the novelties, the Department of Marketing will be directed by Gaia Rubera, the Department of Accounting by Peter Pope; the Department of Finance by Fulvio Ortu; the Department of Decision Sciences by Pierpaolo Battigalli.
The confirmed directors are Andrea Colli at the Department of Social and Political Sciences, Marco Ventoruzzo at the Department of Legal Studies, Alfonso Gambardella at the Department of Management and Technology, and Tommaso Monacelli at the Department of Economics.
The Departments organize and develop the use of internal resources and competencies for teaching and researching and steer research activities in multiple disciplines. They are appointed by the University Board upon the Rector’s proposal.

by Fabio Todesco


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