SDA Bocconi, 50 Years of Ideas

SDA Bocconi, 50 Years of Ideas


Throughout the long history of civilization, the term School (σχολ╬«, skholé) was originally adopted to describe a place and time in which one could rest from the strains of daily life and devote oneself to study and reasoning. The sharing and transfer of knowledge created through studying would later transform Schools into settings for education and training, while still preserving their original identity.
Since its foundation and throughout its 50-year history, SDA Bocconi has been a knowledge factory, a laboratory of studies and research aimed at developing ideas and discovering models, techniques and theories in the fields of management and on the functioning of businesses, institutions and their impact on people and society.
At the same time, SDA’s research activity is conceived and carried out to be "influential", i.e. designed to be relevant and concrete, developed with the rigor and quality of scientific disciplines, but always able to produce impactful knowledge.
The “50 years of ideas” project has gathered together and selected some of the main discoveries and ideas generated by the faculty, showcasing them through a combination of the evocative power of the images and textual synopsis. From September 9, 2021, on the ground floor of the new Campus at via Sarfatti 10, Milan, colors, graphics and concise phrases represent, in an innovative form of dissemination, the strength and impact of the knowledge produced by the research of SDA Bocconi’s professors.
It is a unique way of making academic research and its implications even more accessible and usable.  The ideas in the exhibition are not represented through the perspective of time but rather they retrace, in a creative way and in the original language in which they were published, the research projects which represent SDA Bocconi’s knowledge production engine during its 50-year history.

by Ezio Renda
Bocconi Knowledge newsletter


  • Oreste Pollicino Wins the Senior Scholar Prize

    The Professor of Law and the coauthor Alessandro Morelli were awarded for an article on the value of metaphors in law  

  • How New Technology Stimulated the Credit Supply in Africa

    Nicola Limodio obtained a research grant from PEDL to understand the consequences that the adoption of new technology has brought to the financial market in a low income country  


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  • The Geography of Knowledge Production: Connecting Islands and Ideas
    Applied Microeconomics

    Andrew Bernard (Tuck School of Business)  

    Room AS02, Via Roentgen 1 (floor -2)

  • Repression Technology: Internet Accessibility and State Violence

    Anita Gohdes, Hertie School Special Seminar

    Room AS01 - Via Roentgen, 1