A Multidisciplinary Look at the Listed Companies Law

A Multidisciplinary Look at the Listed Companies Law


The regulation of listed companies can be seen from different perspectives. An exclusively legal approach would therefore risk limiting the view too much. This is what Marco Ventoruzzo, of the Department of Legal Studies, thinks, having edited the recently available volume Diritto delle società quotate e dei mercati finanziari, which also includes parts of a business economics nature.
In spite of its title, the book departs from a traditional model because the essays it includes are not just penned by authoritative business law scholars but also by figures who hold or have held leading positions at the Supervisory Authority, professionals and practitioners, so as to strengthen an interdisciplinary perspective with an attention to combining theory and practice. Another difference from conventional law texts is the presence of graphs, drawings, tables, some statistical data, and deliberately accessible, however rigorous, language. This is because the book was designed from the outset to cater for an audience of students and scholars, but also practitioners and managers.
The book sees the light precisely when the Italian stockmarket is in a period of transformation, with a growing awareness of the need to make it more competitive and up to date by finding the best integration between national and supranational legal systems that have stratified over time. Becoming acquainted with this complex legal framework therefore requires a thorough but not dry overview of how it is regulated.
“Compared to a motorcycle, this book is a bit of an enduro, that is, a motorcycle suitable both for long fast rides on paved roads and for some off-road adventures on dirt tracks, sand and maybe through some small streams,” Marco Ventoruzzo explains to illustrate the book's philosophy. “It is neither a streamlined highway bike, designed only for speed and unsuitable for rough roads, as a short text might be; nor a pure motocross vehicle, capable of climbing extreme slopes but too slow on a highway, i.e., an overly detailed treatise. It is therefore a law book that examines the legal framework, the system and its theoretical assumptions, but also deals with real-life cases.”

by Andrea Costa
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