Research Excellence Awards to 63 Bocconi Scholars

Research Excellence Awards to 63 Bocconi Scholars


Seventy-two Research Excellence Awards, intended to acknowledge Bocconi scholars whose papers get published in a small number of top-tier scholarly journals, or whose scientific monographs come out with top rated publishers, were announced today.
Considering scholars acknowledged for more than one publication, the awards were assigned to 63 faculty members from all eight Bocconi departments.
“The number of top-tier articles, accepted or published during 2020, increased considerably with respect to the past two years,” Rector Gianmario Verona wrote in a message to the Bocconi community, “contributing to reinforce the scientific reputation of our University worldwide and to strengthen our positioning in the national and international rankings.”
In the same message, Rector Verona also thanked the Dean for Research, Jérôme Adda, and his team.
The 63 research leaders are: Arnstein Aassve, Jérôme Adda, Mario Amore, Michael Anthony Bertelli, Francesco Billari, Stefania Borghini, Valentina Bosetti, Giulia Cappellaro, Elena Carletti, Nicolò Cavalli, Anatoli Colicev, Paolo Colla, Amelia Compagni, Massimiliano Croce, Filippo De Marco, Catherine De Vries, Francesco Decarolis, Daniele Durante, Zachary Estes, Stefano Fiorin, Annita Florou, Sandra Fortini, Andrea Fosfuri, Chiara Fumagalli, Vincenzo Galasso, Nicola Gennaioli, Thorsten Grohsjean, Moreno Gutierrez, Dirk Hovy, Eliana La Ferrara, Thomas Le Barbanchon, Antonio Lijoi, Carlo Lucibello, Massimo Marinacci, Antonio Marra, Lanny Martin, Letizia Mencarini, Alessandro Minichilli, Francesco Momentè, Massimo Morelli, Kurt Munz, Tommaso Nannicini, Salvatore Nunnari, Marco Ottaviani, Claudio Panico, Nicola Pavoni, Sonia Petrone, Paolo Pinotti, Oreste Pollicino, Peter Pope, Emanuela Prandelli, Annalisa Prencipe, Paola Profeta, Igor Pruenster, Alessandro Romano, Stefano Rossi, Tom Schmitz, Verena Schoenmueller, Nicolas Serrano Velarde, Mara Squicciarini, Claudio Tebaldi, Marco Tortoriello, Giacomo Zanella.

by Fabio Todesco
Bocconi Knowledge newsletter


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